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From far-west to processes...

Since your company has been practicing Open Innovation, it is you who are asked not only to qualify the potential start-ups, but also to contract with the lucky ones. To convince internal innovators to follow your risk management strategy, you offer them a new framework and methods for working with hurried start-ups. No more pirate mode! In your country, we innovate serenely.

As a benevolent loan, your processes therefore combine risk management AND flexibility, protection of in-house assets AND openness (a problem shared with IS...), technical AND above all human qualification. And since there is no need for a river contract to "border" a POC at 30 K€, you work with the legal department and intellectual protection to offer short contracts... and above all easy to understand. Congratulations! Thanks to you, Open Innovation best practices spread quickly throughout your company.

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How to innovate
with start-ups ?

  • Showcase innovative projects.
  • Share a qualified internal base.
  • Centralize your best practices and innovation ecosystems

  • Our SURM (Start up Relationship Management) software is made for you!
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How to structure
your ideas ?

  • Collect the ideas of your staff, comment, select, evaluate, vote!
  • Organize internal/external challenges and innovative calls for projects.
  • Finally, centralize your innovative projects and your innovation showcase.
  • Welcome to the IMS (Idea Management System) software
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How to innovate with
your employees ?

  • Transform your employees into entrepreneurs.
  • Solicit your employees on our platform for 1 month around strategic themes.

  • An innovation challenge is a unique experience at the service of innovation and the transformation of your company
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