Innovation Director

A conductor for innovation

Whether you are part of R&D (if it is not yet renamed R&I...nnovation!) or the General Management, you are responsible for developing and organizing innovation in all its forms. With one foot in production and engineering, another in marketing, and both hands in operations, you need to stimulate the conversion of ideas into projects, technologies into services, prototypes into products...

Your weapons: foresight, strategic vision, Open Innovation, digitalization, and entrepreneurial methods.

Your challenges: reconcile all your colleagues with what comes from elsewhere, communicate on your success stories, "unsilote" services, mobilize innovation actors internally (purchasing, legal, R&D, IP...) and externally (start-ups, innovation clubs, partnerships, institutional, financial...).

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How to innovate
with start-ups ?

  • Showcase innovative projects.
  • Share a qualified internal base.
  • Centralize your best practices and innovation ecosystems

  • Our SURM (Start up Relationship Management) software is made for you!
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How to structure
your ideas ?

  • Collect the ideas of your staff, comment, select, evaluate, vote!
  • Organize internal/external challenges and innovative calls for projects.
  • Finally, centralize your innovative projects and your innovation showcase.
  • Welcome to the IMS (Idea Management System) software
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How to innovate with
your employees ?

  • Transform your employees into entrepreneurs.
  • Solicit your employees on our platform for 1 month around strategic themes.

  • An innovation challenge is a unique experience at the service of innovation and the transformation of your company
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