Participatory Innovation Director


Solutions for Director of Participatory Innovation:

Open Innovation Software (SURM)

Idea Management Systems (IMS) Software

General mobilization !

It takes a general to lead all employees towards innovation... but with tact. To obtain a flawless commitment, you bring new methodologies, create events (challenges, hackathon, trophies.....), instill the culture of change and networking. Your mantras: "unsilote", challenge, reveal human potential, aggregate skills, support and stimulate ideas towards operational innovation.

If you always act as a "facilitator", almost in the shadows, your objectives are no less ambitious: raise awareness among as many employees as possible (and why not 100%?), and trigger concrete projects that bring value (measurable).

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How to innovate
with start-ups ?

  • Showcase innovative projects.
  • Share a qualified internal base.
  • Centralize your best practices and innovation ecosystems

  • Our SURM (Start up Relationship Management) software is made for you!
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How to structure
your ideas ?

  • Collect the ideas of your staff, comment, select, evaluate, vote!
  • Organize internal/external challenges and innovative calls for projects.
  • Finally, centralize your innovative projects and your innovation showcase.
  • Welcome to the IMS (Idea Management System) software
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How to innovate with
your employees ?

  • Transform your employees into entrepreneurs.
  • Solicit your employees on our platform for 1 month around strategic themes.

  • An innovation challenge is a unique experience at the service of innovation and the transformation of your company
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