Corporate Venture Director

Investing for tomorrow

You're the one we're counting on to find the nuggets! But you still have to find the right river and equip yourself with the right screens. Monitoring, sourcing, business qualifications/R&D/purchasing, and of course negotiation: your activity combines industrial and VC* know-how. You therefore need appropriate tools for collaborative processes, analysis, activity management and start-up deal-flow.

Let us also add a commercial know-how since after the investment, you actively contribute to the success of your start-ups by propelling their take-off through you and your strength of conviction with the operational staff.

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How to innovate
with start-ups ?

  • Showcase innovative projects.
  • Share a qualified internal base.
  • Centralize your best practices and innovation ecosystems

  • Our SURM (Start up Relationship Management) software is made for you!
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How to structure
your ideas ?

  • Collect the ideas of your staff, comment, select, evaluate, vote!
  • Organize internal/external challenges and innovative calls for projects.
  • Finally, centralize your innovative projects and your innovation showcase.
  • Welcome to the IMS (Idea Management System) software
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How to innovate with
your employees ?

  • Transform your employees into entrepreneurs.
  • Solicit your employees on our platform for 1 month around strategic themes.

  • An innovation challenge is a unique experience at the service of innovation and the transformation of your company
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