Our innovation challenges

innovathon Natixis

innovathon Natixis

Collaborative platform and Yoomap Ideation Platform

Yoomap offers a stimulating collaborative innovation platform and an effective methodology to transform your ideas into added value: the Yoomap innovation challenge. Because too often we confuse participatory and collaborative innovation, creativity, ideation methods and brainstorming, hackathon and pilot project....

Thanks to face-to-face events and our collaborative platform, in just a few days, your employees produce together, not only real innovative projects (integrating your constraints, and those of your environment), but above all an action plan towards a pilot/demonstrator uniting all the trades concerned in your company (production, R&D, purchasing, legal, innovation, chief digital officer...).

Accompanied by our network of experts, our innovation challenges are based on the best practices of creativity and the world of entrepreneurship.